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Serious Tan. Seriously Fast. UV-Free.

Our Magic Tan spray tanning booth can give you a fast, all-over tan in a matter of minutes, with zero exposure to UV light. We offer three levels of exposure so you can customize your tan to be exactly the look you want- fresh golden tan, bronzed beauty or dark brown "month in the sun on vacation" tan.

Our Magic Tan spray tanning is quick, easy, and clean.*

  • Designed to react with the chemicals and enzymes in your own body to produce a natural tan. No orange!
  • 27 spray nozzles each spray 4 times to deliver an even amount of solution to your whole body.
  • Our solution is water soluble, does not irritate skin or eyes, and will not stain clothing.
  • Your tan lasts from 5-7 days then you can come in and refresh!*
  • Level One: $24.95
    Level Two: $29.95
    Level Three: $34.95
    5 & 10 session packages available.

    *Successful Spray tanning requires proper skin preparation, following instructions while spraying, and avoiding certain activities immediately after. Please call us and talk to a receptionist trained in Magic Tan Spray Tanning for information so your session will be a success.